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Only Work You Do Is Sending Us Our Profit Share

Making it so easy for everyone to be able to make bigger profits from anywhere in the world with a little to no investment. Watch the video below to see some proof first then scroll down to see how we can become partners and earn money together.

See Some Of Our Clients Results

We never share clients results without asking the client first, these clients have been more than happy to allow us to use our results with them.

Leonardo- $18k Withdrawal

Johnathan-$550k Profits(12 months)/$437k withdrawal

JD & Dr Investments -$60k Profit/$30k Withdrawal

Ben- $4,500 Withdrawal

Freddy- $1,004 Withdrawal

Mr.KillDaMarkets - $79k Withdrawal

Nathaniel- $5,548 Withdrawal

Elijah -$3,223.76 Withdrawal

Major Benefits Of Automated Forex Account

Only A CellPhone

All you will need to make the investment is your cellphone or laptop, and from there you will be able to check your investments and withdraw.

Crypto Payouts

Withdrawal in Crypto is available along with PayPal , and Bank Wire. For US & Bahamas residents we actually can setup cash withdrawals for you if you dont have none of the 3 listed aboved.

Guaranteed ROI

This is a guaranteed investment for our clients, returns between 5%-25% monthly is our aim for each client monthly.

Private Investor Chat

Our investors get access to a private chat where we constantly update our investors on growth, changes and any loses about accounts or the firm we are using.

Bi-Weekly Withdrawals

Monthly & Bi-Weekly Withdrawals, after the first month we will be able to do bi-weekly withdrawals which means you will be getting your profit much faster.

Account Scaling

The firm we will be using after four months of being profitable they actually scale the account size at no cost to you, this means we now have more capital we will be trading with.


#1 Private Investment Group

Automated Forex Acct.

This is one of our popular requests that we only provided to veteran investors in our fund. To explain this very simply, this is where you the client would be getting a funded prop firm account and we will do all the behind-the-scenes work by passing the two challenges and then managing the account for you generating an ROI that will leave you speechless. 

The goal of this investment opportunity is to enable more individuals to be able to invest with 4x Heist and have a bigger piece of the pie without having to have large sums of capital. To get a better understanding with an explanation by an individual watch the video above this breakdown to hear more. 

You are probably wondering what is the major benefit of this offer instead of doing it yourself. Well you can, anyone can take a challenge but 80% of persons who attempted to get funded by Prop Firms fail the challenge within two weeks and 90% blow their live account within the first week of being funded. This is why it is better to let the professionals handle this for you and you make money passively and if you decide to get funded on your own you still can while making money in your sleep and waking hours.



The question you most likely had from you said yes 3 minutes ago, well below you will see an example of profits to be expected monthly then bi weekly. 


Investing in anything comes with different benefits but one of the main benefits that is seen and that MrKillDaMarkets The Founder of Trillionaires Clvb has established is time freedom. MrKillDaMarkets has the team handles 60% of his own personal trading accounts and 2 of his prop firm accounts this enables him to not trade if he does not desire to as he has to. Freedom is what most people want and it is why many invest Time Freedom, Location Freedom, and Financial Freedom. Setting yourself up for the future and the now.

Take a moment and imagine this…

Some More Results

About Trillioanires Clvb Briefly

We are a private investment fund based out of The Bahamas with our team of traders worldwide. We created this fund to make investing more accessible and easy to everyone everywhere in the world no matter their age, or location.

With our fund growing daily we are enabling more investors to be able to invest into different opportunities to grow their capital with guarantee and this is why so many invest with us.


We Manage Crypto Portfolio Investments As Well For Clients After 4 Months Of Being With Us

$100k Automation


$300k Automation


$500k Automation


Automated $100k Account

Perfect for individuals that have never invested before or have any knowledge in regards to the investment space. With the $100k Automated account, you can expect to start seeing profits within 30-90 days. This is only an investment of $4,997, We refund up to $500 to you on the first payout as a thank you along with the profits.

Automated $300k Account

Imagine if you invested in Amazon, Apple, Google, or Facebook 15 years ago! Where would you be financially? Well, now is not the time to imagine. Now is the time for action. This option is for persons that are familiar with the investment world and forex markets but would like professionals to make passive income for them. On The first payout, we refund you up to $1,300 as a thank you along with profits.

$500k Automated Account

popular among our entrepreneurial clients

This is for individuals that want to make a full-time income passively with this package you are not just placed at the top echelon of our clientele but you now have allowed us to bring in more profit for yourself. You see investing is simple the more capital you have the more profit can be made and a low investment of $9,997 for this account has enabled many investors to see more profit in our industry and inner circle. On the first payout, we refund up to $2425 along with your profit share as a thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with many prop firms and at the time of your enrollment after you enroll our team does heavy research into which ever program we see which prop firm works best at that time ( biggest payout, no errors lately, etc.. )

Yes, Everything Will Be In Your Name, & Address

Our Clients Start Seeing Profits Within 45 – 60 Days.

Yes, we can send profits via wire transfer, crypto, paypal or cash-app. We also have different payout methods.

We  Guarantee Payouts With This Program Along With Funding. We can not fail because it will be automatically live in 10 trading days with our automated live funding feature