We Are Doing Something Never Done Before

We are giving 9 to 5 workers the power to invest just like the big boys on wall street and their clients. Without Having $10k To Start With.

Why Our 9 to 5 Program Is So Special For You.

This offer was crafted specifically for employees that are stuck on a 8-16 hour shift 5-7 days out of the week.

No Time To Trade Yourself

We understand that you may not have the time to learn the skill to trade yourself and even if you learned the skill you don't have the time to trade.


We analyze the markets fundamentally, technically, and sentimentally to be able to make the right trades with your capital.

No Long Paper Work

Getting Started With Us Is Super Simple; Pay The Account Management Fee, Choose Your Lock Period, Withdraw ONce Your Lock Period Is Over & Pay Us Our Percentage from the profits we made which is 70/30 .

Imagine If You Started Investing 2 Years Ago...

Well, the best time to start was two years ago, to be honest and the next best time is today so two years later financially you will be far more ahead.

How it works

Simple Breakdown Of The Whole Process & What You Should Know..


Pay Management Fee

We charge a one-time management fee of $350. Once that is done we schedule a time to set up your trading account and you deposit the amount you wish for us to manage for you.


Choose A Lock Period

Lock Periods are you locking in the time you wish for us to manage your capital, each lock period has a percentage gain. The longer the lock period the more percentage is gained on your capital.


Profit Payout

We keep the withdrawal process really simple, you can either withdraw the profits and send us our profit split which is 70% of all the profits we made and you keep the 30% or we can withdraw and send you it via crypto, bank transfer, PayPal or if you are in the state as one of our traders we give you it via cash.

What we are doing here for employees and maybe even small business owners has never been done before and this is why we are pushing it to give the investing power to those that may not have the privilege from their banks and firms in their country.

— John C

Fund Manger & Analyst, 4x Heist

Meet Your Team

These are the front-end traders and analysts at 4x Heist, we are building our team with professional profitable traders but these are the ones you will always see and hear from.

JorDache Darling

CoFounder & Fundamental Analyst

I believe in diversity and giving everyone the choice to improve their finances creating this 9 to 5 program was definitely a win for employees and entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

John A C.

Fund Manager & Technical Analyst

Quality investments for employees are key, and by that, we mean making financial decisions that will pay you without lifting a finger besides at the ATM & that's what 4x Heist does.

Elijah Benjamin

Fund Manager & Technical Analyst.

In my profession I speak to many individuals and one of the solutions that is guaranteed to change their situation is improving their finances 4x Heist is one of the most innovative private investment companies that have started in the last 5 years & I'm excited that I'm apart of it improving people's financial situation.


These are some questions you may still have if you scrolled all the way down here and didn't get started yet.


Do I Have To Be An American To Use This Service?

No, anyone anywhere in the world can actually invest as long as you can pay us via crypto or bank transfer.



Can I Invest For 2 Years?

We have different lock periods where you can choose up to 12 months with 12 months being a 500% return.


Withdrawal Privacy

I'm an American and would like my payment in cash or crypto to avoid certain legal stuff..

We have no concern or wish. to hear about the legal stuff you are avoiding but we have it where you can allow us to withdraw the profits and send you your % in crypto or if you are in the state as one of our members they can give you it in cash.


Investing More

I Have $10k+ I Would Like To Invest How Do I Go About That?

We have a separate page for you that provides information on our capital management for all investments over $10,000. Please visit our home page to be directed there www.4xheist.com .


Action Takers, Are Money Makers

Imagine For A Moment What Would A 100% Return on Your $5,000 Investment Do For You? Better Yet What Would You Use It For? Or Who Would You Spend It On?